5 Tree Grooming Tips for Fall

With this fall season in full swing and winter right around the corner, Austex Tree Service is here to make sure your trees are receiving the proper care. We’re experts in tree trimming Austin TX, and we’re sharing with you 5 tips that will help your trees look happy and healthy throughout the cold season!

1. Fertilizing 

The autumn months are a great time to focus on fertilizing. It’s very important to fertilize your trees before the cold winter weather hits. We recommend slow-release fertilizers that will mimic nature by slowly providing nutrients as the season progresses. These nutrients are essential for tree growth and making sure your trees stay healthy throughout the winter. 

2. Mulch 

Mulching is key when it comes to protecting your tree’s roots and soil through the harsh winter conditions. Organic mulch can be made from things such as chopped leaves, straw, grass clippings, or wood chips. Mulch should cover at least 2 to 3 feet around the tree truck radius and have a depth of 2 to 4 inches. Make sure you avoid contact with the tree trunk and begin mulching before the ground freezes. 

3. Removing Leaf Piles 

Harmful fungi love to hide underneath fallen tree leaves. Raking these leaves often will help prevent your trees from becoming infected once spring comes around. In addition, fallen leaves can also cause snow mold development and attract unwanted insects. For easier leaf removal transport, we recommend raking the leaves onto a plastic tarp before moving them. 

4. Reducing Irrigation 

With the arrival of fall, trees will need less water as the soil starts to stay more moist naturally. When trees start to drop their leaves and become dormant, they need less supplemental water. You want to reduce or even turn off irrigation in order to prevent flooding. Flooded soils can harm your roots and even lead to root disease. 

5. Treat with Anti-Desiccants

Trees can lose moisture through their pores, which are often located on their leaves/needles. As the winter brings drier air and stronger winds, adding anti-desiccant treatments to your tree care routine can help save your trees from these conditions. Anti-desiccant treatments will help prevent browning and drying evergreens, allowing your trees to stay healthy all winter long! 
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