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Tree Care Tips and TricksJuly 12th 2022

Year round tree care round rock tx is crucial to keep your trees alive during extreme temperature changes. Below are some key tips and tricks that you can use to improve the health of your tree and ensure that they last all throughout the year. 

  1. Watering 

If you have just planted a new tree, it is best to immediately hydrate that area with water. This will allow the tree to settle into the dirt and moisturize the roots. The water will ensure the growth of a healthy tree for your property. 

  1. Mow your grass 3-10 feet around your planted tree 

How much you should mow around your tree should depend on the size of your tree. Obviously the bigger the tree, the wider the radius will be.  It is bad to have grass too close to your trees because the dense grass roots will compete with the tree’s roots for water and the nutrients needed to live. 

  1. Mulch your Tree

It is key to mulch new trees, because mulch serves as a barrier between harsh temperature changes and the tree’s roots. You should not mow your lawn around your tree so the mulch can also serve as a visual guide as to what areas to stay away from. 

  1. Fertilize

Plants are usually fertilized from all of the plants that live and grow around it, such as leaves. However, since for instance leaves are not visually appealing we rake these plants off of our property leaving the tree with no natural way to obtain its nutrients. Therefore, getting fertilizer will regularly release nutrients that your tree needs in order to be healthy. 

  1. Prune your Trees

This is an important step that you should not forget to skip.  Pruning trees will get rid of the dead branches or deadwood that is preventing your tree from growing to its full potential. This will allow for new growth because removing the bad branches will allow the tree to nourish just the healthy areas. 

 If you’re looking for tree pruning round rock tx, tree cutting round rock tx, or tree removal service round rock tx give us a call today!  

Tree Trimming vs Tree Pruning: What’s the Difference?April 21st 2022

For many homeowners, tree service and yard maintenance is a priority. Keeping our outside living spaces in fair condition contributes to the curb appeal of a home, and encourages us to utilize our outdoor spaces. Aside from aesthetic value, tree service can also mitigate risks posed by trees on our property. Keeping yards beautiful and our homes and loved ones safe require two forms of tree service: tree trimming and tree pruning. These terms are often used interchangeably, however they don’t share the same meaning. 

Tree Trimming

Keeping trees in pristine condition requires skillful tree trimming. Generally speaking, tree trimming is a less intensive service that is helpful in maintaining the aesthetic appearance of a tree, as well as its shape. As a method, tree trimming can also promote growth for the plant. Unlike pruning, tree trimming can be done at any point in the year, because it does not involve the removal of any major limbs or branches. Minor maintenance can be done safely at home, but seeking the expertise of tree trimming companies Austin TX can be helpful in determining when may be the best time to trim and how much should be removed. 

Tree Pruning 

While maintaining the appearance of trees is important for homeowners, ensuring trees are healthy and safe is the real purpose of tree service. Tree pruning involves the removal of unnecessary branches and roots, and serves to mitigate any risks the tree may pose to property, cars, and people. Regular pruning also helps to prevent the spread of disease, decay, or other damage which may affect the overall health of the tree. Tree pruning should be done at unique times each year, specific to the season and sort of tree. Due to the potential dangers involved in the removal of limbs and branches, professional assistance should be sought for tree pruning Austin TX. This also requires more advanced equipment, which tree companies Austin TX have and are trained to operate. 

Adequate tree care is an important part of maintaining our land and properties, and while they differ, tree trimming and pruning are both necessary in this. For all your tree care needs, visit Austex Tree Service today!

Spring Tree CareMarch 2nd 2022

With spring just around the corner, now is a great time to take inventory of your outdoor space and prepare for the warmer weather ahead. Whether you’re looking to revitalize your yard by planting new trees, or just looking to maintain what already exists, the experts at Austex Tree Service, the premiere tree cutting service Round Rock TX, can ensure your outdoor space is prepared to enter the changing season.

Rake & Remove Debris 

Often left neglected during their dormant winter months, trees may have left a bit of cleanup work to be done this time of year. Collecting any twigs, leaves, fruit, or other debris from the ground of your outdoor space is a great first step to this outdoor spring cleaning, and can prevent fungi growth. 

Prune Your Trees

This is a great time to inspect your trees for any trouble areas before new leaves grow back. It is recommended to remove any dead, damaged, or overgrown branches while the tree is still dormant, as they are less susceptible to tree pests or diseases when inactive. For this reason, late March to early April is often the latest recommended window of time for tree pruning Round Rock TX. Be sure to reach out to professionals at tree companies Round Rock TX, for help pruning trees safely and effectively. 

Add New Mulch

Useful for moisture retention as well as weed control, mulch is your best friend in the garden!

Be sure to replenish the mulch in your outdoor space before unwanted weeds sprout in the warm weather, for the best growth results and a refreshed aesthetic appeal. 

Water & Fertilize Your Garden

Once any winter frost thaws, be sure to water your soil to prevent any drought as the temperature increases. It is also essential to fertilize your garden as it comes back into bloom, to promote good leaf and shoot development. Be sure to check out slow release fertilizers prior to any spring growth spurt, as they can sustain growth and tree health longer.

For any tree care or tree cutting service Round Rock TX, visit Austex Tree Service at https://www.austextreestx.com

Autumn Tree Cutting and CareOctober 21st 2021

Autumn has arrived, if you couldn’t already tell by the beautiful array of colors in your trees! While your trees may seem ready for hibernation, they still deserve a lot of care this time of year. Keep reading for Austex Tree Service’s tips for tree caring and cutting in Round Rock TX or Austin TX.

Mulch To Do

A thin layer of mulch will act as a cozy blanket to your trees during the colder months. Mulch can regulate extreme temperatures to protect your trees from the harshest of winters. It will also help to absorb water while feeding your trees important nutrients. If you’re looking for a fun fall activity for the kids, DIY your own composted mulch with apple rinds, pine needles, and other organic, decomposable materials!

Hydrate and Hibernate

While your trees may be resting easy this winter, they still need to be cared for regularly. In addition to laying a bed of mulch, you should water your younger trees occasionally. Be sure to water when the air isn’t too cold, there has not been much rain, and the soil is soft rather than frozen. You’ll want to ensure a smooth passage of water for your trees to drink!

Protect and Prune

Branches can break much more easily under cold and harsh weather conditions. Be sure to check your branches for any breakage or splitting to prevent injuries to your trees or innocent bystanders! You’ll want to apply plastic or metal guards now before the weather worsens into the winter months. In addition to wrapping any potential breaks, now is also a good time for tree trimming- remove any dead branches or leaves and shape accordingly. For this step, you may want to hire a professional arborist. Luckily, Austex specializes in tree cutting and pruning!

To prepare properly for the winter, contact tree trimming companies like Austex Tree Service Inc to handle your tree cutting Round Rock TX or Austin TX!

Playful Ways to Utilize Your Backyard Trees in TexasAugust 26th 2021

The sun isn’t setting anytime soon on this hot Texas summer, so we’re sharing some fun ideas to turn your backyard into your kids’ summer oasis! Austex is your go-to for tree companies Round Rock TX this year. 

Build A Treehouse

The first thing that comes to mind when you put together “kids” and “trees” is to build a traditional treehouse! This project is easier said than done; you’ll need the right structural support from your trees, some basic handyman skills, and time to spare. But, if you’re up for the challenge, a treehouse will blow your kids away and provide them their own private getaway from the safety of your yard! Get inspired from our Austex treehouse blog

Set Up A Hammock

If you can’t commit to an entire architecture project this summer, opt for a quick and easy set up instead! Attaching a hammock is an amenity kids and adults alike will enjoy. This is the perfect spot to rest and relax after a long day, or bask in the sun.

Hang A Tire Swing

Who says tire swings are old school?! This easy and low budget playground will keep your kids occupied all weekend long. All you need is a spare tire, a sturdy rope, and a reliable branch. Be warned: Tire swings can weigh on branches, so you’ll want to look into your tree before setting up. 

Have a Picnic

If your tree serves to provide shade during the Round Rock TX heat, plan a family picnic! This is a great way for the whole gang to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and spend quality time together as a family. You can use this opportunity to bake or cook a dish together, too! 

Create an Enchanted Forest

So your trees aren’t structurally sound enough to build off of. Instead, weave some twinkly lights through the branches and turn your yard into a magical land far, far away! Your kids will love playing dress up, enjoying snacks, and telling stories under the enchanted ambience. 

To learn more about tree trimming companies and to get answers to any questions regarding tree companies Round Rock TX, contact Austex Tree Service Inc today!

Summer Tree Trimming TipsJune 24th 2021

Summer is here, and your trees could use a trim before the heat gets to them! Here are some of our best tips for your summer tree trimming Austin TX.

Less Is More

While your trees could use a summer cut, it’s best to wait until they are in their dormant state (typically the winter months) to do a full pruning service. That being said, a brief cleanup can leave your landscape looking great and feeling healthy. As a rule of thumb, don’t cut more than 25% of your trees’ greenery- the green color in leaves is an indicator of food for your plants, and you want your trees to eat healthy all summer long.

Keep It Clean

When trimming, be sure to make clean cuts so the branches can heal quickly and easily. Plants of any kind are more susceptible to pests and diseases in the summer, especially certain trees like oaks. Large, open tree cutting wounds can leave opportunities for your trees to become infested or infected. We recommend plant-friendly pesticides to protect your landscape, but the proper tree trimming should do the trick.

Just A Touch-Up

While a full tree cutting service is best performed during the dormant period, there are a few instances when we recommend busting out the shears this season. If your tree is growing in an unfamiliar shape, or branches are lingering into an unwanted area, a brief makeover is also permitted. As mentioned before, clean, minimal trimming is a great way to keep your lawn looking fresh.

The Three Ds

When your trees are dead, damaged, or diseased, it may be time to say goodbye. If your trees have dead, broken, or weak branches, you’ll want to take care of those quickly so as to prevent any harm to your lawn or bystanders. But if the damage goes beyond a simple trim, give Austex Tree Service a call to safely remove the tree

To learn more about summer tree maintenance and to get answers to any questions regarding tree service Austin TX, tree cutting Round Rock TX and tree trimming Austin TX, contact Austex Tree Service Inc today!

Winter Tree MaintenanceFebruary 12th 2021

Winter conditions can be very stressful on trees and require more tree service Austin TX. Newly planted trees and older trees are especially vulnerable to the harsh weather conditions at this time. Follow these steps to insure your trees stay healthy during the winter seasons and for many years to come. 


Inspecting your trees to check for any weak or broken branches is a great idea during this time. Calling a professional tree service to inspect your trees and prune off any of these branches will create a safer environment for everyone as well.


Continue to water your trees on a regular schedule until there is snow or ice on the ground. Once the ice and snow melts, you can continue to water your soil back to a regular schedule. Watering in the morning is also a great idea since it will give the plants an opportunity to absorb the water before nightfall, (arbordayblog.org).


Mulching right before winter hits is a good idea to preserve your trees. Mulch is applied to the surface of the soil, around the base of your tree. Mulching has many benefits such as maintaining moisture and soil temperature. This can help especially in the winter months to prevent the soil from getting too cold. This will also help with pest control and weed control for anytime.

Avoid Salt

If you can, do not plant your trees in a location that road salt could potentially get washed into your soil. Salt can make your trees more susceptible to disease and numerous growth problems. Making the conscious decision to not plant a tree too close to the road where cars are driving by or heay rain could push the salt into your tree’s soil is the best way to prevent this.

To learn more about winter tree maintenance and to get answers to any questions regarding tree service Austin TX, tree removal Austin TX and tree trimming Austin TX, contact Austex Tree Service Inc today!

Signs Your Tree is SickDecember 21st 2020

There are several signs to watch out for to ensure your trees are staying healthy and do not need tree removal Austin TX. Spotting these signs of your tree being sick early on could potentially save your tree and save you money in the long run. The following are a few signs that your tree may be sick:


A tree that is sick may show visible signs of decay. Thedecay usually begins in the inside of the tree, so it may be hard to spot at first. Some examples of what decay might look like on the visible parts of the tree are mushroom spores, soft wood, and expanded tree trunks. 


Another key indicator of a sick tree is deadwood, an area on the tree that has died. This deadwood can appear very dry,brittle, and it will not have any leaves growing from it or bark.

Root Damage

A tree with visible signs of root damage could very likely be sick. If your tree’s roots are shallow or visibly exposed, they could be damaged.

Peeling Bark

If the bark on your tree is peeling, this could also be a sign of disease. The bark on your tree is essential for your tree’s health and function. It serves as a protective barrier, shielding your tree from potential damages that could come from temperatures, weather storms and animals. If the bark on your tree is peeling, it may not have the proper protection and ability to maintain nutrients to survive, (Smitty’s Tree Service). It is normal however for trees to experience small amounts of peeling, but if you see large chunks of bark coming off, don’t hesitate to contact a professional!

To learn more about how to prevent tree sickness and questions about tree service Austin TX, tree removal Austin TX, or tree trimming Austin TX, visit Austex Tree Service today!

Fall Tree MaintenanceOctober 22nd 2020

With the fall season in full effect and winter right around the corner, it is important to make sure you are implementing the right tree service Austin TX. Here at Austex Tree Service we can give you the proper help this season to insure your trees are staying healthy!

Water your trees

Making sure your trees are properly watered this fall is the first step in the right direction. The fall months can be very dry and preparing your trees with the right nutrients before the harsh winter weather is key. When winter comes, it’s important to remember that your trees still need to be watered to stay healthy.

Prevent injuries 

Heavy snow or ice and the weight of animals can have an effect on your trees during this time. Keeping up with your tree trimming Austin TX is a great way to prevent any damage to your trees and a safety hazard from forming.


The fall season is a great time to fertilize your trees. Using a slow release fertilizer during the fall season is a great way to make sure your trees are getting the right amount of nutrients all the way through the harsh winter climate. Prepping your trees for winter and planning in advance is vital to the health of your trees.

Plant some new trees

The fall time is actually a great time to plant some new trees! This is because during these fall months the weather conditions are not as harsh as the rest of the seasons, so it gives new trees a foundational time to prepare its roots for the winter. New trees in the fall won’t have to worry about battling extreme weather right off the bat.

For more information on tree service Austin TX, tree removal Austin TX and tree trimming Austin TX, visit Austex Tree Service today!

Benefits of Proper Tree RemovalAugust 25th 2020

Tree removal Austin TX is now an easy and beneficial process with the help of Austex Tree Service. Tree removal is necessary for many reasons and a great way to keep a safe environment. 

Injury Prevention

Proper removal of unwanted trees enhances the safety of the environment by preventing falling branches and even trees. This will lessen the possibility of an accident and create an overall safer environment.

Saves Time and Money

Having a tree removed professionally is the easiest and most cost effective way to remove your trees. Attempting to do so on your own can lead to injury and frustration from the lack of knowledge or having the incorrect tools. Without the correct training to remove a tree, attempting to do so can be very dangerous.

Proper Equipment

When removing a tree it is important to have the right tools and equipment. These tools can be very expensive especially if they will only be used a few times. This is why leaving it to the professionals will benefit your time, money and safety.

Clear Space

Removing an old or unwanted tree can create space for new things in your yard. For example adding a pool, patio or shed can enhance your way of life and bring new opportunities. You could also use the space to plant new, healthy trees or other landscaping to better fit the space. 

Clean Landscape

Tree trimming Austin TX or tree removal Austin TX can lead to a mess that should be cleaned up properly. Having a professional do the work will ensure your surrounding landscape stays looking clean and does not get damaged. They also will properly dispose of the excess wood and branches from the process.

If you are interested in enhancing your property by removing trees or any tree service Austin TX, contact Austex Tree Service.

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