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Tree Trimming vs Tree Pruning: What’s the Difference?

For many homeowners, tree service and yard maintenance is a priority. Keeping our outside living spaces in fair condition contributes to the curb appeal of a home, and encourages us to utilize our outdoor spaces. Aside from aesthetic value, tree service can also mitigate risks posed by trees on our property. Keeping yards beautiful and our homes and loved ones safe require two forms of tree service: tree trimming and tree pruning. These terms are often used interchangeably, however they don’t share the same meaning. 

Tree Trimming

Keeping trees in pristine condition requires skillful tree trimming. Generally speaking, tree trimming is a less intensive service that is helpful in maintaining the aesthetic appearance of a tree, as well as its shape. As a method, tree trimming can also promote growth for the plant. Unlike pruning, tree trimming can be done at any point in the year, because it does not involve the removal of any major limbs or branches. Minor maintenance can be done safely at home, but seeking the expertise of tree trimming companies Austin TX can be helpful in determining when may be the best time to trim and how much should be removed. 

Tree Pruning 

While maintaining the appearance of trees is important for homeowners, ensuring trees are healthy and safe is the real purpose of tree service. Tree pruning involves the removal of unnecessary branches and roots, and serves to mitigate any risks the tree may pose to property, cars, and people. Regular pruning also helps to prevent the spread of disease, decay, or other damage which may affect the overall health of the tree. Tree pruning should be done at unique times each year, specific to the season and sort of tree. Due to the potential dangers involved in the removal of limbs and branches, professional assistance should be sought for tree pruning Austin TX. This also requires more advanced equipment, which tree companies Austin TX have and are trained to operate. 

Adequate tree care is an important part of maintaining our land and properties, and while they differ, tree trimming and pruning are both necessary in this. For all your tree care needs, visit Austex Tree Service today!

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