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Spring Tree Care

With spring just around the corner, now is a great time to take inventory of your outdoor space and prepare for the warmer weather ahead. Whether you’re looking to revitalize your yard by planting new trees, or just looking to maintain what already exists, the experts at Austex Tree Service, the premiere tree cutting service Round Rock TX, can ensure your outdoor space is prepared to enter the changing season.

Rake & Remove Debris 

Often left neglected during their dormant winter months, trees may have left a bit of cleanup work to be done this time of year. Collecting any twigs, leaves, fruit, or other debris from the ground of your outdoor space is a great first step to this outdoor spring cleaning, and can prevent fungi growth. 

Prune Your Trees

This is a great time to inspect your trees for any trouble areas before new leaves grow back. It is recommended to remove any dead, damaged, or overgrown branches while the tree is still dormant, as they are less susceptible to tree pests or diseases when inactive. For this reason, late March to early April is often the latest recommended window of time for tree pruning Round Rock TX. Be sure to reach out to professionals at tree companies Round Rock TX, for help pruning trees safely and effectively. 

Add New Mulch

Useful for moisture retention as well as weed control, mulch is your best friend in the garden!

Be sure to replenish the mulch in your outdoor space before unwanted weeds sprout in the warm weather, for the best growth results and a refreshed aesthetic appeal. 

Water & Fertilize Your Garden

Once any winter frost thaws, be sure to water your soil to prevent any drought as the temperature increases. It is also essential to fertilize your garden as it comes back into bloom, to promote good leaf and shoot development. Be sure to check out slow release fertilizers prior to any spring growth spurt, as they can sustain growth and tree health longer.

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