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Summer Tree Trimming Tips

Summer is here, and your trees could use a trim before the heat gets to them! Here are some of our best tips for your summer tree trimming Austin TX.

Less Is More

While your trees could use a summer cut, it’s best to wait until they are in their dormant state (typically the winter months) to do a full pruning service. That being said, a brief cleanup can leave your landscape looking great and feeling healthy. As a rule of thumb, don’t cut more than 25% of your trees’ greenery- the green color in leaves is an indicator of food for your plants, and you want your trees to eat healthy all summer long.

Keep It Clean

When trimming, be sure to make clean cuts so the branches can heal quickly and easily. Plants of any kind are more susceptible to pests and diseases in the summer, especially certain trees like oaks. Large, open tree cutting wounds can leave opportunities for your trees to become infested or infected. We recommend plant-friendly pesticides to protect your landscape, but the proper tree trimming should do the trick.

Just A Touch-Up

While a full tree cutting service is best performed during the dormant period, there are a few instances when we recommend busting out the shears this season. If your tree is growing in an unfamiliar shape, or branches are lingering into an unwanted area, a brief makeover is also permitted. As mentioned before, clean, minimal trimming is a great way to keep your lawn looking fresh.

The Three Ds

When your trees are dead, damaged, or diseased, it may be time to say goodbye. If your trees have dead, broken, or weak branches, you’ll want to take care of those quickly so as to prevent any harm to your lawn or bystanders. But if the damage goes beyond a simple trim, give Austex Tree Service a call to safely remove the tree

To learn more about summer tree maintenance and to get answers to any questions regarding tree service Austin TX, tree cutting Round Rock TX and tree trimming Austin TX, contact Austex Tree Service Inc today!

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