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Winter Tree Maintenance

Winter conditions can be very stressful on trees and require more tree service Austin TX. Newly planted trees and older trees are especially vulnerable to the harsh weather conditions at this time. Follow these steps to insure your trees stay healthy during the winter seasons and for many years to come. 


Inspecting your trees to check for any weak or broken branches is a great idea during this time. Calling a professional tree service to inspect your trees and prune off any of these branches will create a safer environment for everyone as well.


Continue to water your trees on a regular schedule until there is snow or ice on the ground. Once the ice and snow melts, you can continue to water your soil back to a regular schedule. Watering in the morning is also a great idea since it will give the plants an opportunity to absorb the water before nightfall, (


Mulching right before winter hits is a good idea to preserve your trees. Mulch is applied to the surface of the soil, around the base of your tree. Mulching has many benefits such as maintaining moisture and soil temperature. This can help especially in the winter months to prevent the soil from getting too cold. This will also help with pest control and weed control for anytime.

Avoid Salt

If you can, do not plant your trees in a location that road salt could potentially get washed into your soil. Salt can make your trees more susceptible to disease and numerous growth problems. Making the conscious decision to not plant a tree too close to the road where cars are driving by or heay rain could push the salt into your tree’s soil is the best way to prevent this.

To learn more about winter tree maintenance and to get answers to any questions regarding tree service Austin TX, tree removal Austin TX and tree trimming Austin TX, contact Austex Tree Service Inc today!

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