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Fall Tree Maintenance

With the fall season in full effect and winter right around the corner, it is important to make sure you are implementing the right tree service Austin TX. Here at Austex Tree Service we can give you the proper help this season to insure your trees are staying healthy!

Water your trees

Making sure your trees are properly watered this fall is the first step in the right direction. The fall months can be very dry and preparing your trees with the right nutrients before the harsh winter weather is key. When winter comes, it’s important to remember that your trees still need to be watered to stay healthy.

Prevent injuries 

Heavy snow or ice and the weight of animals can have an effect on your trees during this time. Keeping up with your tree trimming Austin TX is a great way to prevent any damage to your trees and a safety hazard from forming.


The fall season is a great time to fertilize your trees. Using a slow release fertilizer during the fall season is a great way to make sure your trees are getting the right amount of nutrients all the way through the harsh winter climate. Prepping your trees for winter and planning in advance is vital to the health of your trees.

Plant some new trees

The fall time is actually a great time to plant some new trees! This is because during these fall months the weather conditions are not as harsh as the rest of the seasons, so it gives new trees a foundational time to prepare its roots for the winter. New trees in the fall won’t have to worry about battling extreme weather right off the bat.

For more information on tree service Austin TX, tree removal Austin TX and tree trimming Austin TX, visit Austex Tree Service today!

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