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Top 5 Tree Pruning Mistakes to Avoid

Tree pruning Austin TX is necessary in maintaining the health of trees. It requires a highly trained and experienced tree service technician to get the job done effectively.

Check out these top 5 tree pruning mistakes to avoid.

Confusing Tree Pruning with Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is the process of trimming to enhance growth. Tree pruning is the process of maintaining the protection and overall health of the tree. Some of the biggest differences between tree trimming and tree pruning Austin are equipment used, techniques, and timelines of maintenance. By not understanding the differences can lead to achieving the opposite result of what you were wanting.

Taking Off of the Top

Many people turn to tree pruning Austin TX because they notice that one of their trees is too tall. Their next thought is to grab some hedge cutters, a ladder, and try to take some height off of the top. Only an inexperienced pruner would make this mistake as this is one of pruning’s common don’ts. Taking off of the top can greatly weaken the tree and force it into shock, creating a bush of growth. Instead, opt for decreasing the width of the tree by removing branches to help keep the tree structurally sound.

Over Pruning

Over pruning can greatly reduce the health of your tree in various ways. For one, it can create internal decay from cutting off a branch wider than 4 inches in diameter, instead of 2-3. Also, over pruning can create suckers, which grow from the trunk or from branches. 

Not Pruning, At All

The purpose of pruning is to maintain the health of your trees. Proper pruning can help to greatly extend the life of your trees in the long run. It will maintain the luscious beauty and increase your curb or backyard appeal.

Pruning Your Trees Yourself

Untrained pruning can lead to damage, decay, and disease in your trees. If you feel you are unprepared or too inexperienced to properly prune your trees, don’t risk it! Contact a tree service specialist to get the job done right.

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