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Top 4 Tips for Taking Care of Young Trees

Spring is gardening season. The weather is nice, the sun is out, and there is still enough water coming down to help give your trees the proper nutrients they need to grow. However, it is still important that you take the correct steps to maintaining your tree’s health. To ensure your trees are getting the proper care, contact a tree specialist to get professional tree services Austin TX or check out these four tips you can do on your own.

1. Water 

When watering young trees, you need to make sure that you are consistent and are generous. This could be between five to 20 gallons of water depending on the age of the tree. By doing this you will help to prevent your tree from getting diseases or poor health conditions. The roots will grow to be strong and more robust. 

2. Maintain Soil Moisture

When determining how much water you should give your young tree, you need to check the soil moisture. Soil moisture is important to the health of a tree because it is a great indicator if you have been over or under-watering your plant. There should only be four to six inches of moisture in the soil, if there is any more, try lessening the amount of  water you are giving your tree on a daily basis and if the soil is less moist, think of adding more water. A tree can die by being over-watered, just as much as if it were under-watered. If this is the case, call a tree removal service in Austin to get the assistance you need.

3. Free the Area from Weeds or Grass

When a tree is young, it needs all of the moisture and nutrients from the soil as it can get. When a tree has plants, grass, or weeds surrounding it, they will soak up all of the water from the soil and leave your tree malnutritioned. This is a big problem as this can be the cause of a young tree dying. Make sure you are getting rid of these plants and adding mulch to the area, if you can, to give your young tree a fighting chance. 

4. Protect from Chemicals

Using pesticides or herbicides on or around a young tree is extremely detrimental to its growth. These chemicals can cause tree deformities and if not treated can kill the tree completely. It is important to do the proper research and apply these herbicides and pesticides to the right areas, so that no tree or plant is hurt. 

If you run into any of these problems you can call Austex Tree Services, tree services Austin TX, and they will help you with any of your tree growing, stump removal, fertilization needs, and more.

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